Oct 25 2017

Announcing: Trinfinity8 at the Healing Room

Trinfinity8 is consciousness expanding technology and a tool for positive personal change.

A few clients and I have been using the Trinfinity8 for the last few months and have experienced positive and unexpected changes, ranging from increased feelings of peace and calm, to improved vision, youthening, reduced appetite, and more.

Sessions are available in person and via distance.

Sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes and it’s recommended that clients experience them once or twice weekly. Results vary, according to the individual’s circumstances and how often it is used. Pets may also benefit from this experience.

Please make an appointment for an evaluation by texting 216.903.1572 if you are not already a current client before booking your Trinfinity8 session.

Book a session online

Check out the video below, and click here for more information on Trinfinity8


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