Mar 08 2017

Balancing the Fire Element with Polarity Therapy

According to the teachings of Dr. Randolph Stone, who developed Polarity Therapy, areas of significant concentration representing the elements can be found in the body. These areas are called triads, and he describes the fire element triad as residing in the head, upper abdomen, and thighs.

After years of working with clients, I’ve sensed a common pattern regarding the fire element. During the assessment part of the session I pass my hand over the client to get a sense of where the energetic differences are. There are times when heat can be felt coming from the jaw area, which indicates a fire imbalance.

The fire imbalance client often reports clenching the teeth throughout the day and some will even remark that their dentist suspects they grind their teeth while asleep. Some may have tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. During assessment, all have indicated an awareness that they are suppressing anger. More often than not, an increase in fire in the head corresponds to less fire than would be ideal in the abdomen. There is not enough fire for the organs to do their work.

The emotion most often associated with fire is anger. Think about emojis or a cartoon of an angry character. The face will look bright or hot, and may even have steam coming out of the ears. In fire imbalance cases, clients typically report either digestion or metabolism problems, and/or a pattern of low self esteem. The abdominal area houses the third chakra, which is the personal power center. It corresponds to how a person fits in, as well as radiates energetic information to tell others how they should be treated- fairly or otherwise. Clients with fire imbalance usually feel that those who provoke their anger are ignoring their needs, and are making them feel less important or taken for granted.

The goal of the bodywork session is to promote energetic balance. In polarity therapy, we use Dr. Stone’s protocol, which works with the 3 poles of fire. Through touch, the energy is balanced. The client may experience an “emotional detox” lasting several days after a session. During this time, there can be a physiological response to the emotions that were resolved during the session. After balance is achieved, clients have reported easing up on the jaw-clenching or teeth grinding, lessening or elimination of tinnitus, improvement in digestive issues, and a positive change in self esteem.
One way the client may bring about the energetic balance on their own is via forgiveness and learning the balance of power, which is the true challenge of the fire element.

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