Events & Classes

Learn to Meditate!

The Heartfulness organization offers free meditation classes and energetic heart clearings. Phenomenal healer and my friend Nadine Feighan, one of several local Heartfulness volunteers, is offering a series of trainings plus group meditations this spring and early summer. All are welcome to come for the training, including those who took the class at my office and are interested in group meditation or additional instruction. This is the easiest meditation to learn and it’s very effective. The heart chakra is the most powerful energy center of the body.

Plan to attend at least 3 sessions to get the full training. Sessions will be held at 5:45 pm at West Park Library (West 157th and Lorain) on April 3rd & 17th, May 1st & 15th and all Mondays in June at Lakewood Public Library (15425 Detroit Avenue).


Reiki Classes

Reiki training includes teachings found in traditional Reiki classes plus information on modern research into the human energy field and Reiki as a healing method.  This helps the student explain to clients what is happening and what to expect from a session in understandable and reasonable terms. Also included is information on what you need to know to practice in the State of Ohio. All students are invited to participate in Reiki Share Nights. These are free and not required as part of your certificate process. Rather, this is just an opportunity to experience with others at different stages of training from first degree through Reiki Master. Students, especially beginners, report that they are more relaxed and enhance their learning at the Reiki Share experiences. At times, new healing techniques are introduced at the Reiki Share Nights, at no charge to the students.

First Degree Reiki is ready when you are! All you have to do is to sign up for the class here. Study info will be sent to you. Once you feel you’re ready, contact me and we will meet for class time, attunement, and your practice session. The class fee is $125 per person.  At the end of this class you will know the history of Reiki, have an understanding of how it works, knowledge of research, and the ability to treat yourself and others.

On-Site First Degree Reiki classes are also available at your venue. This is a full day class and the cost per student depends on the number attending. Member and nonprofit organizations may keep a portion of the class fee. Class includes lecture with power point presentation, manual and practice session.   At the end of this class students will know the history of Reiki, have an understanding of how it works, knowledge of research, and the ability to treat themselves and others. Please contact me to discuss your on-site class.

Second Degree Reiki: Reiki manual and certificate are included in class fee. Second Degree Reiki includes research information, second degree symbols, scanning, beaming, distant healing, clinical practice, group healing, legal considerations for Ohio non-licensed practitioners, and more. Class fee is $150, and students are given the option to attend Reiki Share Nights at no additional charge. Please contact me for the next class date, if there is no upcoming date listed at the top of this page.