How it Works

Encouraging a natural state of balance stimulates the body’s own self-healing abilities. Many people seek the assistance of energetic bodyworkers for pain or stress relief, or to help assist with the energetic aspects of emotional blocks as well as spiritual development. More often than not, an underlying emotional component is uncovered when I’m working with a client seeking relief from pain. Releasing the energetic grip the emotion places on the energy body can be the key to breaking a repetitive pattern. Since energy medicine practitioners believe that energetic imbalances lead to emotional distress and physical pain or illness, they find it ideal to balance energies before these imbalances become problematic. In this way, energy medicine can be used for preventative measures.

What to Wear

With the exception of the removal of shoes, clients remain fully clothed during the session. Clients wear loose, comfortable clothing of a thinner material like cotton. Please bring or wear socks to your appointment and refrain from wearing jeans or a skirt. Please fill out the intake forms and bring them with you.

What to Expect

An appointment begins with a brief interview during which an assessment is made, your goals are discussed and questions are answered. Sessions include gentle to firm touch (to the client’s tolerance). Many clients report feeling warmth as well as coolness, deep relaxation, and may sense the lifting of dense energies from the body. Depending on your reason for seeking a session, there may be increased mobility, stress reduction, reduced or eliminated pain, or other improvements. Often clients find that there is continuous improvement for days following a session. Post-surgical clients have reported that, following energy medicine, recovery time is reduced and wound healing is accelerated At times, clients seeking to shift energetic patterns related to long-term emotional trauma may experience temporary sadness or mild depression following a session. After the energy comes into balance, levels of comfort higher than those experienced pre-session have been reported. For details on the healing modalities I practice, click here.

Payment Information and Fees

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted for payment. HSA’s and FSA’s may no longer be used for payment. To prepay online or order a gift certificate, click here.

Energy Medicine Sessions: including Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound Healing Craniosacral Therapy, etc. Information on modalities

One Hour Session $75, which includes assessment, plus bodywork on a heated Amethyst Biomat
Chakra Balancing Session $75, includes assessment plus bodywork on a heated Amethyst Biomat
Access Consciousness Bars Session, $75, includes Amethyst Biomat
Package: Prepay for five one hour sessions $325

Gift Certificates are available for all the above.  Also see fees for classes here.

New Client Policy

There are a limited number of sessions available every week, and during peak times there may be a waiting period for an appointment. When you need help, this is not ideal. It is extremely rare for my clients to cancel, with the exception of first timers. Because they have a higher cancellation rate, beginning in March, 2015 I began asking new clients to pay in advance for their first session so they are more committed. This helps make it fair for established clients to have sessions available when they need them. Your understanding in this is very appreciated. To prepay online, click here.

Healing Modalities

In most cases, it’s not necessary for you to choose a particular modality from those  available. Your body, physical/emotional symptoms, energetic evaluation, etc. will naturally dictate which will bring the best results. Usually a combination of several techniques will be used during your session, depending on your healing goals. Because we are constantly changing, no two …

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