PLEASE NOTE: My scope of practice does not include “talk therapy”, and my work is with energetic patterns which sometimes express themselves as emotional pain, repetitive habits, and blocks. If you feel you would benefit from talk therapy, please see someone who specializes in that area of expertise.


Feeling Lighter

I feel so much lighter, Fran is very comforting. I laughed, almost cried because she knew me w/o my words. I have a better understanding of myself. Thank u! -Angie, Cleveland



I suffered with constant debilitating headaches. I had MRI’s CAT scans, medications and even tried injections into my cervical spine to no avail. The physicians could never pinpoint the cause. After spending almost $15,000 and finding no relief, I was resigned to the fact that I would suffer headaches and take prescribed narcotics for the rest of my life.

Then I found you. After only one treatment, I went four days without a headache or pill. After three treatments, I have given up all my medications and have not had a severe headache since. -S.T., Yankton, SD

“Astonished and pleased with results”

Fran is extremely knowledgable about her practice in energy medicine and healing. She works diligently to improve her practice with education and the newest forms of energy healing and her professionalism speaks for itself. I have used her services numerous times and have been nothing but astonished and pleased with my results, that is why I keep returning. I highly recommend her services for numerous physical needs. -Lisa Payne, RN Cleveland, OH

“Down to earth”

This practitioner is down to earth and highly skilled. I recommend her for her sensitivity and for how much she has helped me over the year I have known her. -Mary, Cleveland OH

“I’ve always had positive results”

Fran has helped me on various occasions for different conditions and I’ve always had positive results. In one instance, I saw her for an “incurable” condition and the two treatments she gave me have had permanent, positive results.- A. Lawlor, Lakewood OH

“My results have been excellent”

She amazes me everytime I am with her. She finds spots on the body that need attention and I never knew it was an issue. Each appointment has been totally different and we have addressed so many issues, emotions, organs not in polarity, knees, shoulders. She is very skilled and knows so much. I am thankful I have been introduced to energy medicine and she is indeed the best. Always has helpful advice, exercises and hints to try. Her knowledge seems unlimited. My results have been excellent, a few have needed to be revisited but always to a much lesser degree. I feel I have inproved greatly and better understand so much more than I ever thought possible. -Sally S., Cleveland OH

Relief of Chronic Pain

For five years I visited a chiropractor monthly for relief of constant shoulder pain. The treatments would alleviate the pain for a week at a time which was great but as soon as I would lift something the pain would came back. As a young woman, I felt that it was way too early to have a chronic pain condition. After you did CranioSacral Therapy on it, it stopped hurting immediately. But I was skeptical and waited out the week for the pain to come back. It didn’t return, so I waited another week and still it didn’t come back! Here it is four years later, and still no pain! thanks! -Rachel L., Avon Lake, OH

“I’m excited about the work ahead”

Just wanted to send a thank you and an update. Just as you said, I felt a little low the day following our session, but the following couple of nights I had some very empowering dreams. And I felt such a “lifting” and a lightness over the next few days as I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I thought of that sense of defeat you helped me release in our session and I really do believe that any emotion associated with that is dissipating too. So, yeah, I feel great! And I’m excited about the work ahead. Thanks so much! -Melanie McCarter, Garfield Heights OH

“I always feel uplifted and energized”

Fran is wonderful! Very caring, and intuitive–she is always right on! I love her energy, and she has the gift to heal people physically, mentally, and spiritually with her energy. Fran has helped me a lot, and I always feel uplifted and energized after a session with her. -Kate D., Cleveland OH

Reduced Migraines to Mild Headaches

Emotional Freedom Technique and Whole Life Healing have broken many of my long-term emotional pattterns that talk therapy did not help. The CranioSacral Therapy has reduced my migraines to remarkably mild headaches. -M.D.,Cleveland OH

“Spiritual Experience”​

Fran is not only a healing experience but she is also a spiritual one. An hour spent with her is a must for anyone struggling with an emotional or physical ailment. I believe that she is an ANGEL here on earth! -Patti H., Avon OH

“We all are born with a Light inside us”

Let me start, please, by saying thank you. I couldn’t put my finger on what I was feeling when I came to see you but now I can explain it perfectly..I felt heavy.. I have come to know over time that we all are born with a light within us and mine was getting very dim. I woke up this morning feeling like I sparkle! I haven’t felt this way in a long time. -Vicki Livingston, Cleveland OH

“Highly Recommended”

Fran is the real deal The experience of seeing Fran is life changing! Five stars and highly recommended! -Cheryl Z., Rocky River, OH

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The intuitiveness that Fran brings to an energy session is remarkable. Her abilities as a healer allow her to get to the ‘root’ of the problem. She is a very caring and thought-provoking individual. I have been to several energy healers, Fran rates at the top of my list. -Laurie Haskett, Reiki Master and Registered Polarity Practitioner, Bay Village, OH

“Feels Like Magic”

Fran has an outstanding healing touch. She is very intuitive with me during our Energy Healing sessions. In addition to her natural healing touch she had specialized training in several modalities. She integrates them all as needed. What she does feels like magic to me!! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know. -Ricki Audrick, Holistic Health Practitioner, Cleveland

“I was Blissed Out”

Thank you so much for Wednesday’s treatment. My Thursday yoga class is intense because it entails strength training and holding pretty painful postures. I must have looked like a fool, but I didn’t care. I closed my eyes the entire time, and had a huge smile on my face. It seemed like I was in present time conciousness. My entire body was tingling, and I felt like I was a big, lit lightbulb. It was amazing. While everybody was moaning and crying from the pain, I was blissed out and in another place. I felt the “pain” but to me it only felt like a discomfort. I just kept on breathing and enjoying the feeling of all the energy pulsing through me. It was incredible. -Dr. Mike Izquierdo, Lakewood, OH

“Stress Relief

I know that a lot of people have stress and that some handle it better than others. I don’t handle it well at all! My stress manifests itself in my body – I get back, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, cold sores, etc.

During a particularly rough day at work I was having a lot of pain, had a pretty bad headache and I just couldn’t handle any more. I broke down into tears in my office. At that moment, Fran called and found me in my crazy state. She told me to hold on, she was on her way. She had me calmed down and feeling better physically and emotionally in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was.

I then went for an actual session one weekend while my husband watched our daughter. I had just learned that I was pregnant again and the emotions, pains and discomforts of pregnancy were already in full gear. I left feeling at peace and able to take on the challenges ahead. A simple 45 minute session with Fran was exactly what I needed to put me back on track. A few more and I’ll be bounding forward ahead of the pack! -E.C , Cleveland OH